JSEngineering was founded as an engineering office for electro technique 1st of May 2010.
During my several years of experience as a project engineer, I realized quite often how much time and energy is lost due to friction in projects, by the fact that the different project partners do not coordinate with each other and even sometimes work against each other.  
  You have stress with each of the project partners, you don't have time to pay attention to your actual business at hand and get in the end a solution which is not satisfying. Normally, you will get many single documents from each of the project partners, which do not work with each other, has gaps or is not in the same layout. Thus, maintenance and updates are impossible.
With the goal to change this, JSEngineering was founded.
You shall be consulted during the whole process, beginning with the idea and ending with the completion. Your ideas shall be realized with the least stress and least friction possible.  
  This saves money and energy. The result is a homogenuous system, which points out by special functionality, efficiency and maintainability.
Rely on us -
Reliability is Our Business.

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To put the know-how together and to be able to offer better results, we cooperate with following companies: