Commercial Services

Use our strong experience in the field of industrial automation for your projects
  • Step7
  • TIA-Portal
  • SCL
  • FailSafe
  • WinCC
  • WinCCflexible / ProTool
  • OPC-Linking
  • CoDeSys (Bachmann M-PLC)
Your special advantages:
  • Experience with the integration of different interfaces
  • Standardized categorization of events
    • Reactions can be changed or adapted easily with an Excel-sheet up to the end.
  • Standardized I/O-processing with a signal list
    • All signals can be simulated or switched to a defined value in revision.
    • Messages for WinCCflexible are generated by the signal list automatically.
    • All messages have a detailed help text, automatically generated by the signal list.
  • Standardization by re-usable, well-arranged and well-commented program code: thus very good maintainability.

You can choose further services in the side bar
  • Integrative planning (also named building system design)
  • Further services

We are glad to inform you also in a personal meeting. The first meeting, in which we will talk about your questions, doubts and ideas and know each other, will be free of charge. You can decide without pressure, if and how you want to go on. You can find our contact data in the imprint.