Residential services

In this section you will find services which we offer to the private sector.
Please choose
  • Integrative planning
    • Also names building-system-designt:
    • Planning over all craftsmen
    • Goal is to coordinate the craftsmen
    • to archieve better results.
  • What we offer also
    • For example construction site supervision,
    • automation and consulting

Consider in your decisions always that the german KfW bank gives subsidies for energetic renovating of buildings. Included are building automation and consultatation supervision of building operations. Moreover subsidies are given for preparing building for elderly people: e.g automation of window shutters, doors, (roof) windows, garage doors or heaters, home-control systems and remote controls. For more information, please visit KfW-Bank > Programmes for residential buildings > See the appropriate sub-category
We are glad to inform you also in a personal meeting. The first meeting, in which we will talk about your questions, doubts and ideas and know each other, will be free of charge. You can decide without pressure, if and how you want to go on. You will find our contact data in the imprint.
If you wonder which advantages you have by linking all the building services and you are sure that modern bus systems are wasted money, please click here.