A program to visualize the EIB via HTML pages, on basis of an OPC server

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Dear visitor

Thank you for visiting the homepage of VisualEIB!
Unfortunately the whole program is written in german and at this time no english version is available. But I'd like to give you a small introduction what the program is for and what the advantages are. If your are still interested, I would be pleased if you would send me a mail. If I find the time I will think in case of interest of translating the program or help you to translate it. The source code is commented completely in english, so only the user interaction has to be translated. That's not the big effort.

Well, let's have a look on the program. I'll not transfer the complete german version of the homepage in english, I will pick out the most important items to give you an impression of the program.

History and big overview

The program is on the one side a client for an OPC server that provides all collected information of the EIB at an standardized interface (DCOM) for clients. The other side of the program is a webclient that provides HTML pages for browser requests. The program resulted from a diploma work of mine in 2003. The first time my school had an exclusive right to use and sell the program, but as they realized that they don't have time and manpower to do this they relinquished all rights.
Now I want to publish my work because I think it's too helpful to let it die in a drawer.


The program is easy to use due to context help and tooltips. It's intuitive. Furtermore the visualization pages are platform independent since they base on HTML and don't need any plug-ins or applets, whereas these could be used nevertheless. No client configuration or installation is necessary because you watch the pages in a browser. Everyone can develop his own pages without big effort in development environment, you only need to have a small experience in writing in HTML.

Terms of use

The program is free for use in small business (up to 50 employees) and for private use. You may not charge the program to any client as you are not charged by me. You can get the source code and you are allowed to modify the program. These modifications you may charge the client to your own conditions. But you have to sign all changes so that they can be traced back in case of errors. If you distribute the program or give it to your client you have to make clear the sourc of the program and of made changes. In case you modify or improve the program I would be pleased to get knowledge of it by you.

What you get

You can get the setup of the program, the source code, my diploma work and last you can get my help if I find the time.
You can contact me by MSN/Windows-Messenger or mail. You'll find the data in the impressum.
What you don't get is any guarantee for anything! Program and source code are delivered as is. During testing no faults were detected that were not corrected until the end of my diploma work. Should there nevertheless arise problems, faults, data loss, financial loss or other damages directly or indirectly caused by the use or by not using the program I do not take any warranty. You use this program completely on your own risk!

Ordering form

This form helps you and me to collect information, result is a mail template that will be opened in your mail client.
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