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JSEngineering was founded as an engineering office for electrical engineering on 01 May 2010.

In my many years of experience as a project engineer, I have often noticed how many frictional losses there are in projects because the various project partners do not coordinate and sometimes block each other.

You have stress with every single project partner, cannot take care of your actual tasks and end up with a solution that is not satisfactory.
As a rule, you get a lot of individual documentation from the individual project partners that does not refer to each other, that is not consistent, not in the same format. This makes maintenance and servicing impossible later on.

JSEngineering was founded with the aim of changing this.

With us you will be competently advised from the idea to the completion. Your ideas will be realised as stress-free as possible for you and with as little friction losses as possible.

This saves money and nerves. The end result is a homogeneous system that is characterised by special functionality, efficiency and maintainability.

Trust us -
Reliability is our daily business.