Remote Service Unit

Mobile Remote Support in Perfection

The Remote Service Unit is a ready-installed hard case containing a power supply, a remote maintenance router and a touch panel.

The router has one RS232/RS485 port, one USB port and several network ports. The RS232/485 and USB ports can be routed to the local PC once a connection has been established, so that the remote system components can be accessed directly using local software.

Via the touchpanel, the technician at the system, who sees the case for the first time, is given step-by-step instructions on how to connect the case to the system and establish the Internet connection.

The remote service technician can also communicate with the system technician via VNC when an Internet connection is established via the touchpanel.


The Internet connection is established via a locally provided WIFI access point - e.g. via a company mobile phone. This means that there is no need to provide an extra mobile phone card on site, nor are the router's locations restricted by different frequency bands worldwide.
Internet via a network cable is of course also possible.

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